Thanksgiving Food Your Teeth Love

2019-09-11T15:34:04-04:00November 1st, 2019|Blog|

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite Holidays! Who doesn’t love a holiday that involves good food, family and friends? For most, it is a day where “diets” go out the window as we celebrate what we are thankful for. Although calorie intake may not be on the top of the list to maintain that day, [...]

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5 Symptoms Hinting At Sleep Apnea in Children

2019-07-02T15:02:09-04:00August 1st, 2019|Blog|

Kids are full of energy and surprises. That's why we don't think twice about a random nap during the day, a little too much energy, or the occasional bedwetting. But did you know that these are all signs of sleep apnea in children? It's true! And while kids with sleep apnea aren't getting the rest [...]

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Nursing Moms And Dental Health

2019-07-18T14:12:28-04:00July 1st, 2019|Blog|

Moms know that great dental health starts at home.  But did you know that it starts before your baby even cuts their first tooth?  Breastfeeding your baby can help with the development of your baby’s teeth and gums and can create healthy impacts that continue as your child grows.  Dr. Marci Guthrie encourages her “new [...]

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We’ve Been Voted Best In Virginia For 2019!

2019-05-09T12:50:28-04:00June 1st, 2019|Awards, Blog|

James River Family Dentistry and Dr. Marci Guthrie are pleased and proud to announce that they have been voted first place in the dentist category in the “Best of Virginia” by Virginia Living Magazine!  For the past 8 years, Virginia Living Magazine has polled readers for their favorites, and this year, James River Family Dentistry [...]

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Tooth Contouring Can Enhance Your Smile

2019-05-29T06:27:54-04:00May 1st, 2019|Blog|

At James River Family Dentistry, Dr. Guthrie sees smiling patients every day. Smiles are scientifically proven to improve your mood and your health. However, if you have damaged teeth, you may be missing out on these benefits, hesitating to share your smile and laugh with others. Through cosmetic dentistry, you can improve your smile’s appearance [...]

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Be Oral Cancer Aware In April

2019-03-07T16:37:01-05:00April 1st, 2019|Blog|

In April we recognize Oral Cancer Awareness Month. The American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology (AAOMP), American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) and the American Dental Association (ADA) have joined the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) in its campaign to emphasize the importance of regular oral cancer [...]

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Daily Tooth Habits

2019-02-23T17:31:07-05:00March 1st, 2019|Blog|

Maintaining your healthy teeth and mouth is a matter of good daily habits. If you are tempted to skip parts of your daily dental care, remember that good dental practices are not only good for your health, they also help your appearance and improve your quality of life. James River Family Dentistry follows the American [...]

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