Kids love candy.  Chocolate, chewy, crunchy, sweet and sour, most kids (and adults) have a hard time picking a favorite.  October brings Halloween, and bags full of treats to tempt the entire family.

Many parents believe that sour candies are less damaging to children’s teeth because they don’t taste sweet.  In fact, sour candies are not only just as sugar filled, but also potentially more damaging to teeth and gums.  Gummy candies and gel candy stick to teeth long after the candy has been eaten.  The effects of the sour treat can continue to damage teeth for as long as 20 minutes after consumption.

Sour candies are highly acidic with some of the most popular having a pH level greater than that of battery acid! That acidity causes enamel to erode, leading to tooth sensitivity.  It also damages gums and cheeks by causing minor burns.  Once the acid level erodes the enamel, those teeth are more prone to cavities and tooth decay.

Participate in Operation Gratitude

One way to help kids avoid the temptation of these types of treats is to participate in Operation Gratitude at James River Family Dentistry.  Our office will happily trade your treats, sweet and sour, for $1 a pound and donate it to our troops.

What parents love about this program:

  • It teaches children to think about our military members overseas. Those of us who don’t have a loved one in the military often forget that our troops are in foreign lands all over the world missing their homes and families. This program gives all of us a chance to consider them. It is a small way of giving back.
  • It reminds us to value our dental hygiene. Included in these care packages are toothbrushes, dental floss, and other items to promote healthy teeth and gums. It also gives us a chance to talk to our own children about maintaining a healthy mouth.
  • Our military love it! It is a small gesture but one that puts a smile on their faces. They are reminded of seasons and traditions back home. In a small way, they are connecting and celebrating along with us. They get to reflect on past holidays they had as kids and think about all the fun their children are having.

James River Family Dentistry will be collecting candy from November 1 through November 3, but Operation Gratitude is a program that runs all year round. Through this program you can donate care packages to the troops on holidays or anytime of the year. They request that all Halloween candy be mailed by mid November.


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