Post-op Care for Frenectomy

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At James River Family Dentistry, we believe following aftercare stretching and gentle massaging exercises is vital to the success of the frenectomy procedure. After the frenectomy, the surgical site will be tender for a few days and we recommend an over the counter pain reliever (6 months of age or older) or coconut oil to soothe the area. It is critical to begin gently stretching and massaging the area the same day of surgery and approximately 6 times a day thereafter, for 3-4 weeks.

The goal of post-op care for the frenectomy procedure is to prevent the tissue from reattaching. During the healing process, scar tissue formation can impede the success of the procedure. Diligently stretching and massaging under the tongue for 3-4 weeks after the frenectomy is key to obtaining optimal results.

What to Do After a Lingual Frenectomy

  1. After a lingual frenectomy, there will be a diamond shaped wound under the tongue. With clean hands, you will attempt to lift up the tongue as high as it will go and hold it for 1-2 seconds and then relax. The goal is to unfold the diamond area so that it is as flat as it can be for the short amount of time.
  2. The next stretch involves holding the tongue up with one finger and gently sweeping the diamond shaped area from low to high to separate the horizontal fold in the middle of the diamond. This stretch should be very gentle as it will be sore inside the surgical site.
  3. Lastly, you will want to gently massage the muscles of the tongue on either side of the diamond and in the floor of the mouth.

What to Do After Upper Lip Frenectomy

The upper lip stretching exercises are similar to lingual frenectomy stretches with the goal being to prevent scar tissue from forming or tissue reattaching after the procedure.

  1. With clean hands, place your finger under the lip and gently move it up as high as it will go and hold for 1-2 seconds.
  2. Then, gently sweep from side to side for 1-2 seconds.

For optimal results, this stretching exercise should be done 6 times a day for 3 weeks after the procedure.

Several days after the procedure, the wound will begin to look white and/or yellow and you may think it is infected. This is a normal part of the healing process but if you are concerned that your child may have an infection, please do not hesitate to call our office at (804) 323-4200.