We recognize many people have anxiety about discomfort and pain they have experienced in the past in the dentist’s office. We are committed to ensuring that our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during every dental procedure we perform.

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Commitment to Customer Service

At the heart of everything we do is our service commitment to our patients. Our goal is to provide a better patient experience than you’ve ever had. That philosophy starts with the warm, friendly smiles of our staff, to the cozy waiting room complete with complimentary coffee, to the special features we utilize to keep our patients comfortable during their treatment, including warm blankets and sun filled windows in each exam room.

Nitrous Oxide

For patients who suffer from dental anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide (sometimes called laughing gas). Nitrous oxide is a safe method of sedation which allows patients to breathe on their own and recover quickly once the procedure is completed.

Single tooth anesthesia

Also referred to as “the wand”, the single tooth anesthesia system allows the slow and steady delivery of the numbing agent directly to the problematic tooth resulting in less pain and anxiety during and before dental procedures. The computer-controlled device controls the pressure and the flow-rate of the injection for an overall more comfortable patient experience. The wand is great for children, too.


OraVerse reverses the effect of the local anesthetic used during dental procedures. Our patients no longer have to experience the lingering effects of a numb jaw, palate, lip or tongue. We love being able to offer an option to reduce discomfort throughout the day.


Imagine no more poking or prodding around each tooth looking for decay. The CariVu™ caries detection device is, perhaps, one of our patients’ favorite tools. Dr. Guthrie leverages this technology to detect decay in your teeth, under fillings and in the cracks and crevices between teeth (with light, no less.)

Picasso Lite

Making periodontal (gum) procedures easier is necessary when our mission is to provide you with the best patient experience possible. The laser technology is also used in smile redesign procedures.

Our Therapy Dog in Training, Marley

If you experience anxiety in our dental office, we have a special friend that can accompany you during your treatment, Marley.
Sweet Marley is our French Bulldog and a Therapy Dog in Training. 

Marley therapy dog James River Family Dentistry


“It is no secret that most people fear going to the dentist and my goal has been to change the negative perspective of the stereotypical dental office. Dentistry has come a long way! Having a therapy dog at my practice has been imperative and I honestly didn’t realize the impact it had until Buster, our first therapy dog, passed away. The JRFD Team and all of my patients’ mourned his loss. The practice just wasn’t the same as patients really looked forward to seeing Buster.

I had to do something to restore the happiness we had with a therapy dog that clearly changed the perspective for my patients and made them look forward to visiting us. Marley was born August 4, 2015. Coincidentally, the day after Buster passed away, August 3, 2015, and the day before Buster’s birthday, August 5th. For me, it was a sign too big for me to pass up and Marley has already stolen the hearts of my team and patients. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Marley yet, Marley is a beautiful blue French Bulldog and he brings smiles and comfort to all of our patients!”

Marley knows just what to do for patients and provides an excellent source of TLC!

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