Describe your injury/condition and how it affected your life.

How many times have you heard don’t run at the pool? Yeah. Don’t run at the pool. On the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, I fell at the perfect angle on concrete to break my two front teeth. And I was horrified. I’ve never had anything like that happen and I was very concerned about what it would take to get it fixed. How long would it be before I could get an appointment as a new patient in the area? Would I need to drive all the way back to Tennessee to see my last dentist? How much would this cost?!? Thankfully, I wasn’t in much pain, but I spent the rest of the holiday weekend hiding in my house.

How did you find your doctor? And what factors led you to choose him or her?

I used Delta Dental’s website to locate a dentist in my area. Dr. Marci Guthrie was one of the closest options and had great ratings and reviews on Facebook and Yelp. She was my first call at 8am on Tuesday morning. After telling the wonderful office manager, Jessica, what had happened, she told me to come on in to the office now. Simple as that. They were going to work me in.

What was your favorite part about your patient experience?

It’s hard to choose – but I think it has to come down to the immediate, affordable, and beautiful work Dr. Guthrie did. When she was finished my front teeth looked better than they had before I broke them!

In what ways did your treatment affect your life?

It’s amazing what pretty teeth will do for your confidence and your mood. I could go back out in public and smile again! Also, the entire situation was so much more amusing after the problem was solved.

Would you recommend this doctor to family/friends? If so, why?

I would recommend Dr. Guthrie and her team to anyone without hesitation. Jessica took such good care of me initially. She gave me an immediate appointment. When I arrived, there was a snag with my dental insurance that she breezed right through and fixed while I filled out the new patient paperwork. While all of that was happening, Dr. Guthrie came in the lobby, took a look at my broken teeth, and told me she’d have me fixed up today. I was so relieved I wanted to cry. Katie, the dental assistant, very much put me at ease and was so kind and personable. Dr. Guthrie was just beyond fantastic – she was friendly, gentle, and most important, did an outstanding job sculpting my teeth back to normal with bonding. Ally even took care of my 6-month cleaning while I was there and she made my teeth feel amazing! And Marley, the therapy dog. Who doesn’t love a therapy dog?!

James River Family Dentistry exceeded my expectations by turning what I was afraid was a huge problem into beautiful result. I am so thankful I found Dr. Guthrie!

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