Marley Therapy Dog

Dr. Guthrie on ‘Why a Therapy Dog at a Dental Office?’…

“It is no secret that most people fear going to the dentist and my goal has been to change the negative perspective of the stereotypical dental office. Dentistry has come a long way! Having a therapy dog at my practice has been imperative and I honestly didn’t realize the impact it had until Buster, our first therapy dog, passed away. The JRFD Team and all of my patient’s mourned his loss. The practice just wasn’t the same as patients really looked forward to seeing Buster.

I had to do something to restore the happiness we had with a therapy dog that clearly changed the perspective for my patients and made them look forward to visiting us. Marley was born August 4, 2015. Coincidentally, the day after Buster passed away, August 3, 2015, and the day before Buster’s birthday, August 5th. For me, it was a sign too big for me to pass up and Marley has already stolen the hearts of my team and patients. If you haven’t had the chance to meet Marley yet, Marley is a beautiful blue French Bulldog and he brings smiles and comfort to all of our patients!”