To recap the 6 Dental New Year’s Resolutions:

  1.  Tweak Your Technique—Try flossing first, before your 2-minute brushing in the morning at night.  Treat yourself to a Sonicare with a 2-minute timer and check yourself!  Healthy gums don’t bleed.
  2. Rethink Your Drink— There are loads of sugar in most drinks and frequency is key.  If you must have a sugary drink, do so with a meal and drink water or brush afterwards.  The sugar and acidic content creates a perfect environment for decay.  Even the diet drinks!
  3. Face Your Fears!--If you have been putting off dental treatment, schedule to get it done before it causes a problem.  Usually by then the treatment is more costly financially and emotionally.
  4. Kick the Habit!  Quit smoking or using any tobacco products.  Not only does it cause cancer, it also increases the risk of periodontal disease, bad breath and stained teeth.  As an alternative to the cravings, try a xylitol containing gum, mints, etc.  They can be purchased on Amazon or at
  5. Wear Your Nightguard! If you have a nightguard and aren’t wearing one get it out and start!  If you think you grind or clench your teeth, inquire with your dentist about getting a nightguard.  Prevention is Key!
  6. Schedule An Appointment!  Find a Dentist you Trust!  Read Online Reviews. Educate yourself on your oral health. Not only do regular visits examine your mouth for cavities and gum disease, but also screen for oral cancer, blood pressure and sleep apnea.  Take care of yourself and your smile!

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