CariVu deviceDr. Marci Guthrie and the James River Family Dentistry believe that using the latest available technology in dental care creates a stress-free, calm and patient centered environment for her patients. In keeping with this spirit of innovation, Dr. Guthrie has multiple options available for patient diagnosis and treatment.

The Dexis CariVu Caries Detection Device (or CariVu) is the newest technology used for finding “caries”, or cavities. The CariVu is a handheld instrument that can be used instead of x-ray technology. Instead, it utilizes infrared light to illuminate an individual tooth, which makes the enamel appear transparent. Once this process occurs, Dr. Guthrie can actually get a visualization below the enamel and can pinpoint cavity lesions with almost 99% accuracy! Not only is the CariVu painless and radiation-free, it is also incredibly easy for a clinician such as Dr. Guthrie to introduce into daily patient interactions.

Adults who have medical restrictions, such as pacemakers, may be nervous about dental x-rays and may refuse to have them taken. In those instances, the CariVu allows Dr. Guthrie to have an accurate picture about the patient’s oral health without missing the critical step of knowing what’s going on behind a smile. Children can be distressed by the process of taking bitewing x-rays, as the process is bulky and uncomfortable. CariVu removes the discomfort since the wand is small and easily fits into a child’s mouth to illuminate individual teeth.

Providing new and different ways to diagnose and treat patients is a hallmark of James River Family Dentistry. Dr. Guthrie is pleased and proud to offer this innovative technology to her patients. To make an appointment for a checkup using the CariVu Caries Detection Device, contact James River Family Dentistry at (804) 323-4200.