At James River Family Dentistry, we work with the common goal for teeth to last a lifetime.  Bruxing, or grinding and clenching, are very common habits that can be detrimental to the teeth and their supporting structures, the temporomandibular joint and the muscles.  You may also experience clicking or popping, headaches and ear aches as a result of nighttime bruxing.  It has been found that up to 600 pounds of pressure can be placed on the teeth at night, which can be devastating when done over the course of a lifetime with no protection.

Many patients are unaware of these habits and we take the time to diagnose and show you with our intraoral cameras any significant tooth damage or wear that may have occurred secondary to bruxing habits.  We may discuss several dental options for your individual case, but a simple nighttime appliance may be all that you need.

A nightguard is professionally fitted, plastic appliance that may be recommended and custom fit for you to wear at night to protect your teeth from wear and to help prevent joint and muscle pain.  If you experience or have any of the concerns listed above, we are happy to assist you with this service at James River Family Dentistry.