Mission of Mercy Projects, 2002-2015

The Mission of Mercy (MOM) program was created by the Virginia Dental Association in 2000 to address the overwhelming need for access to free oral health care. The goal is to help with this issue by coordinating a group of volunteers to provide high-quality dental care for under-served Virginians. The MOM program operates mobile clinics in strategic locations across the State, providing preventive, restorative, and surgical dental treatments to more than 4,000 low-income individuals each year.

Dr. Guthrie started participating with the MOM Projects while in VCU Dental School in 2002.  She enjoys giving back to the underprivileged of her own community and has participated in 12 Mission of Mercy Projects to date to include: Eastern Shore (twice), Wise County (twice), Martinsville, Annandale, Petersburg, Emporia, Norfolk, Gloucester, Roanoke and Special Olympics at University of Richmond.  She finds all Mission Trips to be one of the most rewarding parts of her career. She states, “The feel of a smile and genuine hug of appreciation warms the heart and is priceless.”

Enjoy the pictures below from some of her past Mission of Mercy Projects.

Gloucester MOM 2011 018
Gloucester MOM 2011 025
Gloucester MOM 2011 017
Gloucester MOM 2011 023


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