Give Kids A Smile, Feb. 3, 2017

JRFD team

Giving  Kids A Smile!

Dr. Graham Gardner dancing with the Tooth Fairy and Ms. Sparkle!

Dr. Guthrie (and Hannah) — Morning announcements and appreciation for our Sponsors–

Jes working hard collecting and organizing the paperwork from patient exams!


Watch our GKAS event featured on Channel 8 News by clicking the link below:


We had our annual Give Kids A Smile event today at the Acca Shriner’s Temple and are excited to share it was a great success! We had 180 dental volunteers and treated close to 350 children! As GKAS Chairman for the Richmond Dental Society, Dr. Guthrie helps to organize volunteers and children from area Richmond Public Schools to attend the event. They receive dental exams, cleanings and fluoride treatments. Our philosophy is prevention and this is accomplished by education on great dental habits at a young age. It is so exciting to teach and reach so many children in a single day. Ally was the sparkly star of the event as the amazing Tooth Fairy. Thank you and great job to my JRFD team and all of the volunteers who attended to help make this event an awesome success! We look forward to doing it again next year!f

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